• Garden introduction
    One of the cultural heritage, the national 4A level scenic spots, national key cultural relics protection units, Suzhou four famous gardens in the world. Suzhou city is located in the southeast of broad head with city road lane 11, about 120 km away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. As a typical Suzhou mansion house gardens, is a representative work of Chinese classical garden in Jiangnan small. The garden was built in the Southern Song Dynasty Chunxi years (AD 1174), a mansion built by the Southern Song Dynasty landscape was vice minister Shi Zhengzhi from Suzhou, a large collection of books in the palace, named "rolls of the church", this made the garden, "Yu yin". During the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1765), Guanglu Temple Shaoqing Song Zongyuan bought rolls of the church was re treatment of other industries, to build the park land, building, pavilion, Taiwan, pavilion, known as the 12 king, named "nets villas". Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty (1795), Taicang businessman Qu Yuancun bought the park, building stone mountain plum Tim, hill Cong Guixuan, Zhuo Shuige, dance hall, and to the wind Pavilion, Yungang, bamboo, a Xuan, virtual studio set and other buildings, and then into the basic layout is still in use now, "master" the old name, the owner surnamed Qu, so it is also called "Qu Yuan", also known as the "Qu yuan"...
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 The Guqin room  |  Five peak Library  |  The Prunus Mume Pavilion  |  Zhuo Shuige  

 Yungang  |  Lead static Bridge  |  The door  |  The elevator hall  

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